One World Anthem

Unity and right and freedom
for a global fatherland,
persecute this sacret target,
brotherhood of heart and hand.
Unity and right and freedom,
fundament of common good,
follow this with deep ambition,
stand for worldwide brotherhood.

Joy the peak of hearts desire,
message of a better land.
Seak this peak on earth forever,
seak with head by heart and hand.
Find it in the depth of yourself,
bring it out for common good
Look around with understanding,
live for worldwide brotherhood.

Stand up for a new tomorrow,
one world, the new fatherland,
for all mankind, for all beings,
stand for this with heart and hand.
All religions work together,
learn to love for common good.
Work for peace with open senses,
for a world of brotherhood.

Lyrics by Georg Lawall On the melodies of German National Anthem and
‚Freude schöner Götterfunke‘, the European Anthem

© 2020 Georg Lawall